We’ll design a custom solution to meet your objectives, time constraints and budget needs. We offer programs in all of the following areas:

Communicating with Presence & Impact

Apply 8 Principles of Effective Communication to improve your phone and face-to-face interactions. Benefits:

  • Project confidence and credibility when communicating ideas
  • Speak articulately and use appropriate body language
  • Convey passion and conviction for ideas
  • Communicate clear, concise messages
  • Use your voice to engage others and avoid monotone
  • Deliver a crisp, confident, persuasive elevator pitch
High Impact Presentations

Present confidently standing or sitting, formally or informally, to any size audience. Benefits:

  • Project a strong, comfortable presence in front of an audience
  • Speak articulately and use appropriate gestures
  • Connect with, inspire, and persuade the audience
  • Organize persuasive presentations that sell ideas and influence others
  • Understand how to use data and technical information to support key messages
  • Deliver information clearly from PowerPoint slides, hard copy presentations, computer demos, or notes
  • Respond to questions and objections with poise

Custom solutions include: High Impact Presentation Skills, Pitch Book Presentation Skills, Communicating the Vision, and The Art of Corporate Storytelling

Business Writing

Write clear, concise business documents and emails designed to achieve action. Benefits:

  • Write concise documents
  • Replace verbose writing with precise, crisp language
  • Eliminate the passive voice
  • Organize letters, memos, and emails
  • Edit documents for impact
  • Adjust your style to your reader and objective

Custom solutions include: Writing for Results, Making Email Work, Writing Effective Pitch Books, and Building Powerful Business Presentations

Leadership Communication

Learn to motivate, manage, delegate, and give effective performance feedback. Benefits:

  • Understand what motivates performance
  • Align your style to the style of your employees
  • Tailor your supervision using a Situational Leadership model
  • Use listening and probing techniques to improve communication
  • Assign projects appropriately and delegate assignments clearly
  • Give constructive feedback and performance appraisals

Custom solutions include: Motivating & Delegating, Giving Performance Feedback, Coaching Your Team, Storytelling as a Leadership Skill

Conflict Resolution and Influencing

Learn how to strengthen interpersonal relationships with colleagues, lead productive business meetings, and solve problems collaboratively. Benefits:

  • Control interpersonal dynamics that affect a meeting
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your personal style
  • Use active listening skills to build relationships
  • Solve problems collaboratively
  • Control the flow of meetings so that they are on point and efficient
  • Handle emotional confrontations more effectively
  • Manage the process: lead with presence, encourage participation, probe to avoid misunderstandings, summarize, and follow up.

Custom solutions include: Productive Conflict Resolution, Influencing for Results, Leading Effective Meetings, Leveraging Your Style, Listening Effectively

Partnering with the Client

Learn how to build solid, long-lasting client relationships, uncover the client’s real needs, and offer message-driven solutions to client problems. Benefits:

  • Plan ahead to conduct a productive, consultative meeting
  • Read and adapt to the client’s style to build rapport
  • Project confidence and credibility in face-to-face meetings
  • Uncover client needs and priorities through active listening skills
  • Position your firm’s approach as solutions to client needs
  • Handle challenging client questions
Consultative Selling Skills

Develop new business by creating solid, long-lasting client relationships that enhance your firm’s bottom line. Benefits:

  • Read the client’s style to communicate more effectively
  • Understand the stages of the consultative sales process
  • Build credibility and rapport in initial phone contacts
  • Plan each meeting for specific objectives and roles
  • Probe strategically to uncover needs, issues, and opportunities
  • Position your firm’s approach as solutions to client needs
  • Handle difficult questions and objections
  • Close the deal and establish the desired next steps

Custom solutions include: Consultative Selling Skills, Prospecting: Uncovering Client Needs, and Closing the Deal