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Connect, Inspire, Persuade: Onboarding New Employees for Success

Listen to Jean Brown’s podcast interview, part of the Onboarding Expert series at TotalPicture Radio, with Peter Clayton reporting.  more

Great communicators connect, inspire, and persuade. To connect, you must engage your audience in the message. You should inspire confidence. And you have to persuade your listeners to take action. Successful communication demands that you craft a clear, concise, persuasive message and deliver it effectively. Both components matter. Jean’s podcast discusses the essential elements of onboarding communication.


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Mastering the Media: Communications Coach Jean Brown Assesses the Launch of ZoomInfo’s FreshContacts Promotion

Listen to a Leadership Channel Podcast from TotalPicture Radio. Jean discusses: developing a strong communication strategy, handling a potential media crisis and the do’s and don’ts of giving interviews.  more

In this podcast, reporter, Peter Clayton, asks Jean to share her advice regarding a recent “dust-up” over ZoomInfo’s launch of Fresh Contacts: a new initiative designed to help job seekers identify, research and connect with hiring managers by trading their personal contacts with the company. A discussion on Linkedin generated an immediate and overwhelmingly negative reaction among HR professionals.  This podcast interview assesses the launch marketing and communication strategy.



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