The future of Leadership Development will require on-site, leader-led micro-learning, driven by real conversations about challenges facing your leaders and teams.

Clients have asked us for nearly twenty years how we can prove that our programs drive ROI (click to see more). Our new Actionable Conversations leadership platform will give them that proof. In addition, our clients will learn valuable insights about their managers, teams, and important issues facing their firms.

The platform offers:

  • Behavior change
  • Learning that becomes habit
  • Proof of ROI

The Power of Actionable Conversations:

Clients want to collect the key metrics that drive their results. Yet the success of those results inevitably depends on employee engagement.  The single biggest contributor to employee engagement is trust, and our strong working relationships build that trust. Actionable Conversations, a breakthrough learning and development platform, creates a unique venue for building better relationships between managers and peers.

Watch Actionable founder, Chris Taylor, describe the process:

Actionable Conversations uses content from over fifty of the most popular business books of all time – or we can customize content for you. This content spans most of the issues facing companies today. Clients may identify a series of important outcomes they want to see, and target conversations to yield that learning. These highly collaborative conversations, informally hosted by leaders with their teams, deliver the behavioral change. Your teams set specific goals, focused on achieving that change.

The Habit Builder allows your team to:

  • rate the conversation
  • select a goal—or customize their own
  • choose an accountability partner
  • rate themselves on achieving the goal

Here’s how the process unfolds: