“I’m delighted to announce that after a long career spanning theater to advertising to communication skills training, I will be retiring from MacKenzie Brown LLC on December 31, 2017! I look forward to spending more time at home with my husband and our families, traveling the world (for adventure instead of work!), and engaging in my personal and political interests. It’s an exciting time!

The last 16 years as communication and presentation coach have been the most rewarding time of my career. I’ve been fortunate to have the opportunity to help thousands of people build their confidence and skills as speakers, writers, salespeople, and leaders. I’ve really valued our relationship, and thank you for helping make it all possible.

I leave you in the capable hands of my business partner, Jamie MacKenzie, who will continue running MacKenzie Brown LLC with our talented team of coaches, including those you may know and love, Gail Parker, Jeanne Jones, Edwardyne Cowan, Barb Brocklebank and more. Jamie will help you design and deliver the customized, high quality programs you’ve come to expect from us. And I know you’ll enjoy working with him!”

Thanks. Have a great holiday.