MacKenzie Brown workshops transform participants through highly interactive, experiential learning.

Our clients receive:

  • Superior client service throughout program design and delivery
  • Highly experienced, dynamic, and attentive program facilitators
  • Proven training techniques
  • Extensive personal feedback for each participant
  • Video recordings of participants using relevant, real-world scenarios



We meet with you and your team to assess your specific needs, designing a custom workshop and follow-up program to achieve your goals.

We’ll tailor the length of any session to meet your needs:

  • Group sessions range from a half-day to two full days
  • Executive coaching combines face-to-face sessions, phone meetings, and goal setting


Each program consists of a custom combination of building-block skill modules. After a short briefing, participants practice and apply each skill for 30 to 45 minutes. They use their own presentations or real world role-plays, while coaches give constructive, personal feedback. By viewing their video-recorded practice, participants see their own behavior and internalize the change.


To reinforce skills after the workshop, participants may choose to review their personal video and read workshop materials. MB’s new Actionable Conversations Commitment Engine turns their learning into a habit.